Ready to see your Chicago newborn photographer? What to expect at the session!

Yesterday I talked about preparing for your appointment with your Chicago newborn photographer, so naturally today is about what to expect when you arrive for your session!  I can only give insight about newborn photography sessions with me, since I’m not in the know about how other photographers handle their newborns.



Once you arrive, I will help you bring in anything you need for your little one from the car– after all, if you have a poo ninja like my youngest you may travel with quite an arsenal of spare clothes and multiple packages of wipes and hand sanitizer–  if daddy had to work or decided to hang at home to watch a football game, you may need some extra hands to make it inside without a second trip to the car!  Once you are inside, I have a super comfy Lazy-boy recliner for my mamas to relax in (and a nursing support pillow if needed)– sorry dads, you get a stool or dining chair– mom delivered that baby and deserves the most comfy place to sit!  I offer bottled water to all my newborn parents, with the option for coffee as well (let me know prior to your session if you want coffee so my husband can make some before leaving with the kids– otherwise excuse me while I you tube how to make coffee with our coffee pot!).  Once you’re all settled we’ll get started!

I have a changing table in my studio sanitized and with a freshly washed cover for every session.  I will squirt on some hand sanitizer (my hands can never be too sanitized when handling your newborn), remove your little one from the car seat, pull off the sleeper and diaper and wrap her in a nice warm blanket to keep her cozy while we go over to the set I have prepared to start with.  I work very slowly with your little one– each movement is tiny and not rushed, making sure she stays as comfortable as possible throughout our time together.  If she isn’t happy with a position (or getting into a position), we simply move on to another one!  The tiniest little grunt or squeak may prompt temporary abandonment of a pose– if she is uncomfortable it’s not worth forcing the position (On that note however, please make sure you bring the pacifier you left the hospital with.  Even if you do not plan to introduce a pacifier, a couple of hours with it available will not interfere with nursing or cause paci attachment– sometimes it is invaluable for returning your little one to deep sleep after shifting positions and it will only be used for a few seconds as a last resort)!  I am always within reach in case she begins to shift or stir while I am photographing and I take all precautions to make everything safe as possible.  There are some images that require a second set of hands to make sure they are done safely, and in that case if I do not have an assistant that day I may ask for mom or dad to lend a hand (quite literally!).  I typically have all headbands, hats, wraps and other props within arms reach of my photographing position prior to your session, however if I do need to step away from your little one I will also ask mom or dad to come place a hand on your newborn while I am out of reach.

Typically dad starts to grow tired of watching after a bit (after all, mom is in the comfy chair!), so I invite one or both you to move to the family room and watch television, catch a catnap on the sofa, read a book or escape the toasty warm studio (Dress in layers!  The studio is warmed significantly to keep your little one comfortable) for a few minutes.  I have had many dads (and a few moms) fall asleep during the session and that’s perfectly okay– you have a newborn at home, you have to take it when you can get it!  If you were unable to find childcare for an older sibling (or siblings), they are welcome to spend the session time in the playroom– the younger ones enjoy all the toys and the older ones have a hard time pulling themselves away from the xbox kinect when our session ends!

Depending on the baby and her tolerance level, I will use up to 3 different fabric backgrounds and a variety of headbands, hats or (for the little boys) neckties.  We may add on a prop at the end of the session (bucket, basket, etc), but that is only if your little one is still happy to be here.  If you have a vision of your little one in a prop hanging on your wall in the family room, please let me know prior to your session so I can get that set prepared to use first.  Also, if you have color preferences for my fabric backdrops, please indicate those on your Chicago newborn photographer client information form.

If your little one grows hungry during our session, I will happily take a feeding break!  If your newborn has an “accident” on my fabrics, don’t worry!  Everything is washable, and every item used is laundered (with free & clear detergent) after your session — we simply clean the mess up and move on!

Your time with me should be considered a time to relax– bring a good book you have started reading 3.8 million times and haven’t gotten to finish, or those thank you cards you keep meaning to send for shower gifts.  You will have approximately 2 hours to fill, so come prepared!

The next step for you is to go home, snuggle your baby and hit refresh about 347 times a day on my blog watching for your sneak peek to pop up… just kidding– I always email you once it’s up :)


If you need to schedule your newborn, please email me at — or you are welcome to go ahead and fill out my newborn photography client profile form and I’ll contact you!


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beautiful color in this image…so sweet : )

beautiful color in this image…so sweet

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